Eva Fashion line for New York and Co.

We offer on-figure and still-life photography with a full crew, including studio space, photographer, digital tech, photo assistant, stylist, stylist assistant, hair stylist, make-up artist and tailor. Your product is always shot to style guide standards. We capture high-resolution pictures for your campaigns and collections. View our portfolio

Video Room Shot

Our video production services include fully scripted product demonstration videos (hosted or voice-over), lifestyle feature videos, lifestyle b-roll and behind-the-scenes (BTS) production to enhance your product selling capabilities. The integration of video is growing on all platforms, and so are our video solutions. Our capabilities for HD and 4K production let you leverage your content across multiple eCommerce and social channels, on both web and mobile. View our video portfolio


Industrial Color Studios’ post production services include full editing and color correction with available graphical elements to enhance your content for maximum impact with or without sound. We can incorporate customized 360 degrees and CG product animations, after effects to enhance your product presentation, and product tutorials to translate the more subtle product features in a clear and easy way.


Our retouching team will work with your existing or co-developed style guide to establish pixel sizes for all images and color guides based on your site and brand requirements. Final files are optimized for your eCommerce platform. Available enhanced retouching services can be requested.


Our dynamic imaging service makes it easy to add powerful customization options that enhance the online shopping experience. With dynamic imaging, customers can select from multiple product options in real-time, for an interactive experience that increases user engagement and conversions.


From monogramming and engraving to customizing sportswear and gear, dynamic imaging delivers real-time personalization. Using customer-driven selections to render custom product specifications, personalization also enables marketers to easily customize messages via web and email platforms, providing powerful real-time targeting options.


globaledit is Industrial Color Brands’ digital asset management software as a service (SaaS). globaledit is a platform built for creative collaboration. It simplifies the work of managing multiple projects, thousands of images, and various partner needs. With globaledit, the complex coordination of people, files, and approvals is streamlined by a platform built to save time at every step in the project workflow.


Our workflow system is powered by your product data and uses bar-coded product labels to track and monitor your samples at each stage of production. Shot lists are generated by you, and managed by us. Once an item is scanned into our workflow management system, all associated metadata, including UPC, SKU, name, style, color and size, is linked to that image in a product record. We are able to track all products and images with 100% accuracy to ensure precise reporting, consistent delivery and efficient turnaround time.


Top‐notch copywriting enhances and enriches other content to provide a well‐rounded site experience for customers. From product descriptions to video scripts to landing page banners, copy adds an extra element of interest to any website. Copy is written to style guide standards by our US based copy team.

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